Now in Internet is said a lot about Forex. Topics are very different and cover the whole range of interests - from what it is and what mistakes a Forex trader has to take into account, before
applying certain indicators, combining them into strategies, and so on. Dealing centers offer
work in the international foreign exchange market as a pleasure event that brings substantial
money. In confirmation of this, numerous success stories are told, show the lives of successful
traders, and so on.

There is a very convenient tool for the trader, allowing you to calculate the value of the item and

deposit for a specific instrument (currency pair).
Pledge and cost of an item are very important - first of all, for proper money management, i.e.
deposit management. How many deals and what volume can be opened, what pledge falls on a
specific instrument - all this needs to be known before opening positions, and not in the process.
Otherwise, trading from a profession and analytics will turn into a roulette.

Forex trading sessions

Forex market hours starts on Monday in the morning, and ends its work on Friday night. Forex
currency exchange is working around the clock. Mode forex, like half the population of the
globe, a five-day working week, that is, Saturday and Sunday are non-working days for forex.
Also, the market is closed on holidays, such as New Year, Christmas, Easter.
The time of Forex trading is usually measured according to the world-coordinated time.
Previously, the countdown was held in GMT.

Any trading instruments are affected by various economic indicators (inflation, unemployment,

etc.) or the policies of the Central Bank (for example, in relation to the discount rate). Statistical
data is published at a certain time with a fixed frequency (for example, on the second Friday of
the month at 6 pm). And it was at the time of the news release that the greatest volatility in the
financial markets was observed. The economic calendar contains information about when and for
which country the publication of a particular report will be, which allows building trade tactics
based on an analytical forecast.

American forex brokers for many traders are the benchmark for reliable and high-quality Forex

trading. Investment activities in the United States are under close supervision of regulators and
the requirements for investment companies are very strict, so no big surprise, that there is good
result. So, broker in the US market is guaranteed safety of invested funds. No big surprise, that
large investors prefer American brokers with a long history of work in the market. Of course, it’s
a choice of everybody personally, however, American regulators, such as the CFTC, to which
American brokers of the US stock market are subordinate, are already a guarantee of the
company's reliability.

In order to be able to trade on the Forex exchange, is required Forex broker. This broker provides the
ability to buy and sell currency in the Forex market, for which reason it is also called a currency
broker. That is, the broker executes buy and sell orders for the investor. Broker can be both an
individual and a firm. In order to provide the necessary capital for the implementation of margin
trading, a Forex broker must be associated with a major financial services manufacturer, such as a
bank or an insurance company.  
Thanks to broker customers have access to a trading platform that allows them to enter the foreign
exchange market and carry out trading operations. Trading platform is the main tool of any trader.
With it, you can open and close trading positions and, in addition, receive the most current currency
quotes and watch the movement of their value.
When choosing a forex broker, you should pay attention to everything, even at first glance,
insignificant factors, including: the history of creation, location, trading conditions, used regulation
and many others.
Of course, the Forex broker doesn’t work for free, and therefore it receives commissions for its
services, which are denoted by the word “spread” in currency trading. Literally, “spread” denotes the
difference between the rate at which a currency is purchased and the rate at which it will be sold
again, that is, it can be translated as “exchange difference”. And this exchange rate difference with
large fluctuations in the rate of Forex brokers are trying to increase even more. This question  is
omportant for choice of a Forex broker.
 In addition, you should definitely pay attention to the trading system used by the Forex broker -
reliable and safe trading programs are the most important broker's tool. When choosing the most
suitable Forex broker (and there are a great many of them), you should take into account the fact that
he should be able to always provide comprehensive advice and ensure your mutual understanding.
Because the broker assumes the role of an intermediary in all operations on Forex. Quick response, as
well as quick and accurate execution of applications and experience in Forex trading - this is what
should be present in any case.
Some brokers offer free demo programs. With their help, you can check the what it works in theory,
before betting your capital.
And such a service should also necessarily be included in the list of offers of a serious Forex broker,
because the broker is exactly the same as the investor is interested in the best prices and in the
greatest profits. Nowadays almost all the largest forex brokers provide their clients with access to
analytical information, which greatly simplifies predicting the behavior of prices for any currency.